Mapes Panels “6 Pack”


Sometimes, you just need a panel to get the job done right! To make it easy we’re offering a $959 “Panel 6 Pack” with one of three standard colors of our cost-effective Colorlume finish with trimming and boxing included. Compatible with all storefront and curtainwall framing, genuine Mapes-R infill panels save you time and money on small jobs and in-field repairs that need to be done on-the-spot.


What’s Included?

  • Genuine 1” Mapes-R Insulated Infill Panels With Our Embossed Colorlume Baked Enamel Finish on Both Sides, Hardboard Substrates and a Polystyrene Core
  • (6) 4’ X 8’ Panel Stock Sheets – 192 Total Square Feet
  • A Great Price: $959 Includes Trimming and Boxing
  • Shipping Not Included


Three Color CHoices

“Panel 6 Pack” comes in the following colors:

  • A11 Dover White
  • A30 Quaker Bronze
  • A29 Silver



How Do I Order?

You can order by completing any of these options and letting us know you want the “Panel 6 Pack”:


Limited Time Only

The “Panel 6 Pack” offer expires April 27th, 2018 so place your order today!


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