Mapes Insulated Back Pans

Single Source Spandrel Solutions

Mapes custom insulated back pans are the unrivaled solution to simplifying projects that require back pans and wool insulation.


Mapes Panels, your UNRIVALED infill panel manufacturer, is NOW OFFERING Insulated Back Pans and Shadow Box panels. Stand-alone or as a compliment to your other spandrel products, Mapes Back Pans come pre-assembled, ready for quick installation. Not only do Mapes Insulated Back Pans reduce labor and time on-site, but they will also streamline how your spandrel products are sourced. Project managers appreciate the ease of ordering Mapes Infill panels and Back Pans on the same PO and getting them delivered together. Just like our trusted line of infill panels, Back Pans & Shadow Box panels are custom built to your specifications and can integrate into most UL & Intertek approved Fire-stopping systems. Contact a Mapes Panels sales representative to discuss your turn-key spandrel solutions.