R-Value Comparisons

Mapes insulated sandwich panels provide an energy efficient, cost effective alternative to insulated glass, Low E Glass, and other glazing options. Insulated infill panels offer a wide range of thicknesses to meet the energy design requirements of any project. Curtain wall, window infill, and spandrel panel projects can be designed to provide the optimal in both insulation and aesthetic appearance.

Mapes Insulated metal Panels vs. Insulated Glass

The R-Values shown above are for general comparison of the insulation types against insulated glass products. Insulation values vary on panels due to material types, thicknesses of the panel, and ambient temperatures. To get an approximate insulation value for the panel you are looking for, please go to our Spec Builder and it will display the R-Value and U-Value once your selections are complete.

Value vs. Thickness vs. Core

  • Polystyrene: Mapes uses an exclusive, high-density polystyrene that increases the energy efficiency of a panel by more than 30%. The 2 lb. density core also provides the flattest panels in the industry. High-density polystyrene is the most cost-competitive option per unit of insulation value.
  • Polyisocyanurate: This CFC free insulation is the most efficient, commercially available, closed cell product. It is ideal where thickness limitations require the highest rated insulation per inch.
  • Micore: Class A fire-rated is used where codes require a non-combustible construction. The insulation value is approximately 50% of polystyrene.